Current Students

Support and services

We would be delighted to meet you and answer your questions about our Faculty and to advise you during your stay with us in Nancy. If you have any questions you can always gat in touch with us:

Erasmus Studies Coordinator:

Dr Mihayl Varbanov
Assistant Professor of Virology, Immunology and Medical Microbiology

SRSMC, UMR 7565, University of Lorraine-CNRS
(3rd hall, staircase on the right-hand side, 2nd floor)
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
5 rue Albert Lebrun
BP 80403
54001 NANCY Cedex

Tel.: +33 3 83 68 23 37
Fax : +33 3 83 68 23 01

Erasmus Administration Coordinator:

Karine Koehler
School office
(1st hall, ground floor)
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
5 rue Albert Lebrun
BP 80403
54001 NANCY Cedex
Tel.: +33 3 83 68 23 71


Student unions

Students unions are very active at our faculty and you are more than welcome to join any of them and participate in their multiple activities!



Stay tuned as the annual Pharmacy June Ball 2016 will take place very soon at our Faculty! You can get more information from your favorite student union.


Lectures and Modules

All inbound international students are invited to get in touch with the head professor of each chosen module, prior to the begging of the lectures.



All exchange students are required to sit the exams during the first session. The second session may be scheduled directly with the head professor of the concerned module.

International students are authorized to use dictionaries during the exam sessions. The use of a dictionary has to be reported to the supervising personnel, prior to the beginning of the exams. All the dictionaries will be checked before the exam – it is strongly recommended to avoid the use of dictionaries with material concerning the lectures (handwritten or typed) on the pages, pending the suspension of the exam.


Record of Achievements and Exam Notes

All the records of achievements and the exams notes are generally available soon after the exam sessions. Given that most of the international students follow a particular curriculum, combining multiple modules from different pharmacy years, the issuing of the record of achievement may take some additional time. In case of doubt you can always get in touch with your Erasmus coordinator or talk with the School office staff. If you have to go back home to your university your record of achievements will be sent straight to you as soon as it is ready.